One of the most powerful and cost-efficient marketing channels is in-store advertising.


Using the latest technology, Spotlight Reclame can produce these in-store messages in a very short time.

Your product, special offer and/or service are brought directly to the attention of your visitors.

It’s ideal for lots of retail applications, but also in office buildings, lobbies, bars, petrol stations, or even while customers are waiting on the telephone.

The combination of in-store messages with customized background music is a true ear-catcher for your company. This is also useful in the field of information and safety, notifications about opening hours, smoking regulations or an evacuation alarm for example,
Within 24 hours, Spotlight Reclame can deliver audio messages in various languages, including Flemish, Dutch, French, German and English.
You have something to say and you want your message to be heard? Let Spotlight Reclame speak for you!

With Spotlight Reclame you have professional in-store messages at your fingertips.

  • You reach your audience or customers directly.
  • Lower production costs (in comparison with radio or TV advertising).
  • You can respond to current events, a message can be delivered within 1 working day.
  • Your offers and promotions are highlighted.
  • You can respond to last-minute purchases in the store itself (product expiry dates etc.).
  • Source for additional information and security.

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You can hear our in-store spots in Shopping Gent Zuid, Ninia Shopping, Opnieuw en Co, Veritas, Hydrian Shopping, Shopping Pajot and Wilson Shopping ...